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once upon a time there was a thread ...

hands eager to create, to quiet a mind exhausted while programming

the thread meets an hook ...


scarves & shawls
table & home

after a while our thread meets many bobbins ...

something of new and challenging was about to happen

love at first sight!

Bobbin lace

tutorials from scratch
easy patterns
"follow your thread"

and finally to come back home

to pc and virtual worlds of imagination and infinite possibilities

my tech passion

Web dev

web sites
seo & socials

I’m Cristina
and this is my word

Lace, Crochet, Coding & Family

I owe my grandmothers, who raised me between fabrics and crochet hooks, the innate ability of "knowing how" and the curiosity that accompanies me every day.

I am grateful to my parents for the unusual childhood that they made me live in the 70's, among political demonstrations, vinyl records of opera, folk songs and Pink Floyd, guitars, songs and songwriters, the splendid variety of people represented by their friends, nights spent watching the Olympic Games on TV, fantasy books, super hero comics and Star Wars movies!

Family is where you feel at home, for what you are, as you are, with the confidence of being always welcomed.

My (big) family lives in a large house in the countryside between Florence and Siena (IT), with cats and a dog, surrounded by beauty.

This is me, Cristina; web programmer, crochet and lace maker.
Welcome to our creative way of life!

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